Grid Layout Shock

Show multiple posts in a pinterest-like grid layout

Documentation contents

What is Grid layout shock

Grid layout Shock is a plugin for WordPress. This plugin is based on the Pinterest idea, and allows to show multiple posts in a Pinterest-like grid layout presentation.

Advantages against other grid layout plugins

Among other advantages, we remark the following ones:

Boxes will adapt to any screen size, so grid will look good in any device.
Several grids on the same page
Thanks to the use of shortcode, you can insert more than 1 grid per post or page.
Available in 5 of the most important languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese.
External content
RSS feeds can be displayed into the grid.
Box adjustment:
Boxes adjust responsively thanks to Masonry JS plugin.

Requirements for use

To have a proper performance of the plugin these are the minimum requirements.

Any of the following browsers are recommended:

Installation process

The installation of the plugin can be done in two ways as follows:

Dashboard installation (recommended)

  1. Download from themeshock control panel
  2. Go to Plugins Add New.
  3. Go to the Upload option.
  4. Click on select file and find the WordPress Plugin you wish to install.
  5. Click on Install now to continue with the installation. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.
  6. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it

Manual Plugin Installation

  1. If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder.
  2. With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.
  3. Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
  4. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Control Panel

The Grid Layout Shock plugin counts with a control panel that installs on your WordPress dashboard. This is the organization:

  1. Content options: In this are you can determine the type of content that the grid will display.
  2. Affiliates options: Option for affiliates to promote freebies for a comission.
  3. appearance options: This section contains all the appearance controls available for the grid.
  4. Shortcode area: The Shortcode is updated in real time as you made changes on the options area.

How to use these controls

Have in mind the following instructions when using the plugin:

Box width
Can be set in pixels only. Enter the number of pixels you want each box to occupy.
Categories need to be set on the posts to be shown on the grid. Grid Will show all the posts under the category Selected. Child categories will appear as an independient option in the categories dropdown menu.
Post types
The Grid Layout Shock will detect any previously set custom post type available. WordPress themeshock themes have 5 custom post types.

To show RSS content, simply insert the RSS URL.
The number of posts can be anyone you specify; The pagination control will modify the number of pages/slides used to Show that number of posts. Enter the number of posts to be shown per page, not the number of pages.
The order can be Ascendent or descendent to show the posts from the most recent or the oldest.
You can determine the Size and font to be used in the tittle and content for the boxes in their respective drop dow menus
Read more
The read more button appears when the limit of characters for the box is reached. However, it obeys to the limit you set when inserting the read more tag into a post. the color of the read more buttton can be set in his respective drop down menu
Show Image
The Featured image for each post is the one showed in the post box. If you want to show an image for a post, set it as a featured image and check "Show Image" in the control panel.
Show Excerpt
The Show excerpt checkmark if enabled will make the text written in the excerpt to be shown instead of the post text.
Show menu
Enabling the menu, will show a dropdown menu showing all the categories available to show posts under those categories using the current appearance settings.
The plugin generates a shortcode that is updated real time every time you make changes in the controls area. Once you have set up the options at your convenience, copy the shortcode generated and paste it into a post or page. Then save and preview changes. The shortcode renders as a grid in the post or page where it is placed.

About Grid Layout Shock

Grid Layout Shock is created by the WordPress themes Shock team in January 2013.