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  • Complete Documentation

    Documentation for Gridlayoutshock Plugin

    WordPress Documentation

    jQuery Documentation

  • Choose the data sources or get external sources

    Grid Layout Shock supports not only posts but also allows you to show galleries, portfolios, RSS Feeds, from your wordpress site.

  • Several data sources, even external ( Premium )

    You can create a grid from each of the following sources: Posts (WordPress), Custom Post Types (WP), Taxonomies (WP), External RSS, Galleries(WP) and Portfolios(WP).

  • Show the grid wherever you need it

    Thanks to the shortcode generated in the control panel, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets.

  • Several grids in the same page.

    Each grid its rendered in its own shortcode You can have as many grids as you want in the a single page.

  • Several Skin Styles

    You can choose between 18 skin styles to create a design that suits the best to the theme you have in your WordPress site.

  • Select what you want to show

    You can add excerpt text, image, content, title or menu caption fields in the WP environment.

  • Based on Masonry JS Plugin

    Thanks to the popular Masonry JS plugin, with Grid layout Shock you can Adjust your boxes automatically.

  • Compatible with RSS Feed

    Just by including the RSS URL, you can show the RSS feeds of your preference.

  • Choose the number and limit of posts

    Set up the limit of posts if you want to show them in a pagination slider. Choose the total number of posts that you want to show.

  • Select a color background for your "Read More" buttons

    "Read More" buttons of your posts can have their own color. Select between 7 color buttons or don't select anyone if you want to.

  • Pick a style for title and text

    Text formating for title and content. Size and family available for them to be set and changed.

  • Fully responsive, mobile ready ( Premium )

    Since the grid is fully responsive, you won't need to worry about your grid stop working on small screen devices.

  • Adjust width of your items.

    An added plus to the responsive design is the option to change the boxes width to make your grid look unique.

  • Control the posts order.

    Is it going to be the oldest ones first or the newest ones first?. You can select what order you want your posts to be showed.

Free jQuery ( personal license)

It has 2 of the 10 available themes in premium version and two of the 9 "Read More" color buttons and no auto-adjust neither responsive mode (included in premium). Download

Free WordPress ( personal license)

It has 1 of the 18 available box styles in premium version and two of the 8 "Read More" color buttons and no external data sources (rss feed) and post types and taxonomies included in premium. Download

Premium jQuery ( commercial license)

18 themes, 9 "Read More" button colors, auto-adjust and responsive. One Site $19 Multiple Sites $29 Developer $99

Premium WordPress ( commercial license)

All the box styles, "Read More" button colors, limit of posts, data sources and responsive One Site $19 Multiple Sites $29 Developer $99

Combo WP + jQuery ( commercial license)

All the box styles, "Read More" button colors, limit of posts, data sources and responsive One Site $29 Multiple Sites $49 Developer $129

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